Benefits of Hot Yoga

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Yoga is a scientifically proven way to relieve stress and combat pain. Some studies even suggest practicing yoga can slow down your body’s biological clock. There are many benefits of hot yoga practice. Below are a few reasons why our students come to hot yoga classes at our studio.

1. Detoxification: Hot yoga, particularly the 26×2 series, is an excellent way to remove any excess minerals (toxins) you might be holding in your body. Twists, like triangle pose, massage organs which can help to improve circulation and aid digestion.

2. Flexibility: Heated classes help loosen up tight muscles and allow students to feel more flexible and move deeper into postures than they might in a non-heated class.

3. Awareness of Breath: Breathwork is one of the core building blocks of yoga. A heated environment requires you to respirate more than a non-heated environment, which allows students to focus more on breathing and stay present in the moment. Regular students report these benefits from class carry over into their daily lives–they are more efficient at work and feel more relaxed in stressful situations then before they began practicing yoga.

4. Core Strength: Regular yoga practice strengthens the core muscles, which can lead to a healthier spine and less chronic back pain.

5. Cardio: A heated room increases the heart rate which can help stimulate the metabolism and keep you burning calories even after you leave the studio.

6. Mental and Physical Healing: Regular practice can help heal the body and the mind from old injuries and past trauma. Yoga trains the brain to process challenges and overcome obstacles in the present moment, which is extremely therapeutic to those who tend to dwell on the past. On a physical level, hot yoga is known for helping students recover from past injuries. Many of our clients who’ve suffered from chronic back pain have told us that hot yoga has improved the quality of their lives. Since yoga is low-impact, it’s a safe way to stay in shape and recondition your body after injury. Just make sure to consult your doctor if you have any conditions that may affect your practice at our studio.

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