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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

  • What’s in the Sunless Bronzing Formula that makes me tan?
    DHA, dihydroxyacentone, combined with anti-aging, skin firming ingredients is the main compound that produces a customized bronze glow. DHA has been an approved cosmetic additive by the FDA for over 30 years. VersaSpa chemists have refined the technology to produce the most outstanding formulation that results in silky smooth, glowing skin with a refreshing after scent.
  • And is it safe?
    The FDA has approved DHA as a topical application and recommends that users should avoid inhaling or ingesting DHA. As a result, VersaSpa emits the least amount of solution necessary to achieve a full body tan, thus decreasing the amount of inhalable mist for a more pleasant experience. Furthermore, VersaSpa users are encouraged to use protective measures to eliminate ingestion such as: using protective eyewear, nose filters, and sealing lips with lip balm; and the use of disposable undergarments.
  • Will the VersaSpa® turn me orange?   
    NO! Unlike bad imitations and older style machines, the VersaSpa will leave you with nothing but a huge smile and a beautiful, natural bronzed glow.
  • How many days will a VersaSpa® spray tan last?
    The longevity of a VersaSpa Sunless Tan depends on the skin’s natural exfoliation process, and on the skin regimen followed before and after application. On average, a sunless tan will last 5 to 7 days. The “life span” of a VersaSpa sunless tan also depends on your skin’s natural exfoliation. The faster your skin regenerates, the faster the sunless tan will fade. The VersaSpa tan is created by DHA and Erythulose and affects only the top layer of the skin and will begin to fade after 5 to 7 days as the skin naturally begins to exfoliate. It is important to keep skin moisturized after your VersaSpa session as dry, flaky skin will slough off faster and color will fade sooner. Sunless tan-extending products help hydrate skin and maintain even, natural looking colorr longer by providing subtle bronzers.
  • What is a Multi-Treatment Session?
    A VersaSpa Multi-Treatment Session is a process of combining 2 or 3 formulations in the same session. Keep in mind that treatment sprays (Pre-Sunless pH Balancing Treatment, or Post-Sunless Super Hydrating Treatment) are all 2 passes (front and back) while Bronzing Treatment is applied in 4 passes for complete, perfect coverage. Additionally, your blow dry passes match your spray passes; therefore, a Bronzing and Super Hydrating Multi-Treatment Session will be demonstrated as:Bronzing – Front, Side, Side, Back Blow Dry – Back (2x), Front(2x)
  •  How long does it take?
    From beginning to end, The entire process including change time, takes approximately 10 minutes. The spray itself takes approximately 1-3 minutes.
  • How soon will I see results?
    You will see results INSTANTLY, but will see even more results within the first hour of doing the VersaSpa. The solution will continue to develop for 12-24 hours after you complete your session.
  • Can I use it when I’m pregnant?
    Yes, the VersaSpa is perfectly safe for pregnant women to use.
  • Can I swim, shower, and workout with my sunless tan?
    Of course! But be sure to wait at least 4 hours to allow the formula to react with your skin’s amino acids and proteins. In fact, the longer you allow the solution to remain on your skin, the longer lasting your tan will be. Finally, swimming in highly chlorinated water will significantly reduce your results.
  • What are the prep and moisturizing sprays? Do I need them?
    The prep spray is a solution, which is sprayed onto your body prior to the bronzing solution. The prep helps to create an even canvas for the color to go on, and also presaturates your skin to absorb as much of the bronzing solution as possible. The moisturizing spray is just that, a spray moisturizer which you receive after you have completed the bronzing cycle. This in turn helps to preserve and extend your VersaSpa spray tan and slow the natural exfoliation of the skin.
  • How do I prepare for my spray tan session?
    Just arrive showered, shaven, free of make-up, perfume, oil, body sprays, deodorant and moisturizer for optimal results. Bring loose, dark fitting clothing for after your session.
  • Should I moisturize before I spray tan?
    You should use a moisturizing tan extender regularly to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, which will contribute to a more even, natural looking sunless tan. However, it is recommended NOT to apply moisturizers 3 hours prior to your VersaSpa session and at least 6 hours after. A moisturizer applied immediately prior to your VersaSpa session could interfere with the reaction of the DHA (the active self tanning ingredient) with your skin. A moisturizer applied immediately after your session could cause streaking and also interfere with the reaction of DHA. Only salon approved moisturizer should be used, such as Daily performance lotion by VersaSpa.
  • How long should I wait after I spray tan before I shower?
    It is best to wait at least 8 hours after the sunless tan application before you shower to give the DHA time to fully react with skin proteins. If you are able to, it’s recommended to not shower until the next morning to get the full effect of the VersaSpa.
  • Can I spray tan in addition to a tanning bed?
    Absolutely! In fact, the VersaSpa Sunless tanning results are phenomenal over a nice base tan. If you want to combine both applications in a single visit, we recommend tanning prior in our stand up unit to achieve the best results. You can use the VersaSpa AMPLIFIER PREP GEL which is scientifically formulated to enhance UV and Sunless tanning treatments by balancing your body’s PH levels, hydrating skin and increasing absorption levels before your session.
  • If I tan prior to my spray tan is there lotion I should avoid using?
    Yes, you want to avoid using ANY lotions with ‘Silicone’ as an ingredient, as this will prevent the VersaSpa from adhering properly to your skin. If you are unsure if your lotion contains silicone, please ask one of our Client Consultants.
  • Will the solution from the spray tan come off on my clothes?
    Some of the bronze “cosmetic tint” color may rub off on clothing or bed sheets. This is most likely to happen when you get dressed immediately after tanning. To minimize the chance of the tint transferring to clothing, we recommend that you wear loose-fitting, darker clothes after your VersaSpa session. The Cosmetic tint is water-soluble, this color will wash out in cold water.
  • Will my sunless tan protect me from the sun when I am on vacation?
    Although you may feel and look like you have a real tan, a sunless tan is only the temporary appearance of a tan and therefore provides your skin with no real sunburn protection. It is always recommended to use an appropriate SPF when tanning outside after your VersaSpa.
  • Do I need to wear eyewear in the spray tan?
    No you do not. You simply keep you eyes closed anytime the spray will contact your face.
  • Can I breathe when I’m in the unit?
    Yes you can. The only time you are advised to hold your breath is when the spray will contact your face. The VersaSpa unit has exhaust fans to help eliminate breathing in the solution.
  • Is the solution safe for sensitive skin?
    Yes it is. The solution is 70% natural comprising of a sugar cane derivative, which is responsible for your glorious color. The VersaSpa is recommended for all skin types.
  • Will the solution dye or damage my hair? How do I protect it?
    When in the unit, you wear a disposable shower cap, which we provide to help protect your hair. The solution will not damage or color your hair, but can leave it feeling damp after your session if you do not wear the shower cap provided.
  • I have a hot tub, can I use it after having a VersaSpa® spray tan?
    It is recommended to avoid any chlorinated water such as pools or hot tubs as this will result in the solution bleaching out of your skin and your VersaSpa tan fading faster. If you do wish to use a pool or a hot tub, do so only 24 hours after receiving your VersaSpa spray tan.
  • Does the tan fade naturally?
    Yes, the VersaSpa spray tan fades 100% naturally, not blotchy or in patches like some spray tan systems.
  • Will shaving affect my VersaSpa® spray tan?
    Shaving will affect your VersaSpa, because it causes expedited exfoliation of your skin, which is turn will cause your VersaSpa to be removed sooner. It’s for this reason that we recommended shaving and exfoliating immediately prior to your VersaSpa session to prolong the spray as much as possible.
  • Will the sunless tan leave me streaky and blotchy?
    The VersaSpa has an extremely fine mist (the finest in the industry) which evenly showers you in the bronzing solution ensuring no streaking or blotching and leaves you with a flawless tan free of drips!
  • Will the VersaSpa® solution stain my clothes?
    There does exist the possibility of the staining of light colored clothing, so it is recommended to wear dark baggy clothing for your session. If the solution should come off on light clothing, simply launder as normal
  • How long before my special event should I do my VersaSpa® session?
    We recommend coming in the day before your special event to have your VersaSpa session.
  • Do the sprays have any unpleasant odors?
    There is a pleasant scent to all three of the VersaSpa sprays, with no discernable unpleasant after odor.
  • Will I get an even all around color?
    The VersaSpa is designed to mimic a natural tan you would get if you were to be at the beach. Having said this, the only part of your body which will not get sprayed is your underarms.
  • Mystic tan made me feel boxed in, is this one more comforting?
    VersaSpa is an open concept machine. There are no doors to close on you, and you do not feel restricted, or claustrophobic while doing your session. There are exhaust fans which draw in excess solution so you do not have to breathe it, as well as an infrared heater to keep you warm as you are sprayed.
  • Will the VersaSpa® wipe off if its still tacky and you throw your clothes on?
    No it will not.
  • Can I do more than one in a day?
    The VersaSpa continues to develop on your skin for 12-24 hours after your session is completed. For this reason, it is recommended that you only Versa once in a 48 hour period if you wish to be much darker.
  • Is it a machine (booth) or a person that does it? Is the room private?
    The VersaSpa is a booth in which you stand to receive your spray tan. The room that the VersaSpa is enclosed in is 100% private.
  • Will it cause my freckles to show if I normally freckle when I tan?
    Unlike regular tanning, freckles will not show or be enhanced by the VersaSpa bronzing solution.
  • Is it confusing? How do you know what to do?
    If you are new to sunless tanning or if it is your first time with VersaSpa, one of our Client Consultants will show you the machine, and what to do throughout your session. There are diagrams posted illustrating what to do when in the dressing room.
  • Will it work if I have very fair skin or if I am unable to tan in regular tanning beds?
    Yes. The VersaSpa will give flawless tanning results on all skin types.
  • What do I wear in the booth?
    You may wear a bathing suit, undergarments, or simply go nude while in the VersaSpa.
  • Do I have a choice of how dark I will be?
    Yes. We offer three levels in the VersaSpa. Our lightest color is Level 1 and this gives you a nice sun kissed look. Our darkest color is Level 3 and this level gives you a deep dark rich bronze tan. Each skin type darkens and reacts differently to each solution level.
  • Do I have to take off my make up? Can I put make up on afterwards?
    The VersaSpa can go through makeup, but to ensure the perfect tan, it’s recommended that you begin your session with all over clean skin and wait at least 6 hours prior to putting makeup on.

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