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Kiana Yang – Founder

Kiana Yang, OwnerOpening SunKiss Yoga studio has been a journey of great privilege and a wonderfully life-changing experience for owner Kiana Yang. After graduating from Purdue University, Kiana journeyed to South Korea to study diplomacy. During her time in Korea, she authored a book, worked as a translator for the Korean Embasy and spent nearly 15 hours a day studying. Her mind and body suffered from the stress of long work days and little sleep. It was only after a friend introduced her to yoga that Kiana realized she needed to place more emphasis on her health. She began attending classes at a local hot yoga studio and immediately noticed the calming effects the practice had on her mind and spirit. However, she faced a challenge–class times did not cater to her chaotic work schedule. Kiana’s busy schedule sparked an idea that would later become SunKiss Yoga. She dreamed of opening a studio where students could practice during lunch hours and times that are convenient for commuters and busy professionals, a place with a beautiful environment and a wide variety of classes where all are welcome. Kiana continued working in Korea until she had enough money saved up to come back to the states and make her dream a reality. Everything in the studio from the marble showers to the light fixtures were hand selected by Kiana to help create the open-hearted space she envisioned. Kiana strives to provide a studio that is welcoming and filled with positivity. She truly hopes that every student who enters the doors of SunKiss Yoga is able to take a moment to honor his or her body, mind and inner light.






Stacey Adams – Photographer

StaceyAdamsSunKissYogaPhotographerStacey is a yogi and award-winning wedding photographer who was recently recognized in WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards®. View her online portfolio at

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