Yoga Tips and Etiquette

New to yoga? We have 13 tips to help you navigate your first time at our studio. Keep reading to find out how to avoid a yoga faux pas!

1. Don’t come to class on a full stomach. Everyone digests at a different pace, but we typically recommend eating 2-3 hours before class. If you have low blood pressure or related heath concerns a light snack of nuts, fruit or veggies is perfectly fine before your yoga session.

2. Make sure you are properly hydrated. It is best to come to class hydrated, but make sure not too drink too much water during your class. Take small sips to avoid filling your belly too much (believe us, doing twists with a full stomach is no fun!). After class is over make sure to rehydrate to keep your body in balance.

3. Please remove your shoes before coming up the stairs to the main floor of the studio. We have shoe storage drawers to the left of the entrance for your convenience. :)

4. Print your name (as legibly as possible) in our sign-in book at the front desk before going into class. Please do this even if you’ve signed up online. If it’s your first time at the studio, let the front desk staff know so they can show you around and give you our new student paperwork form.

5. No one wants to hear Wrecking Ball buzzing while they’re deep in Shavasana. Please turn your cellphone completely off or on airplane mode if you bring it into the studio.

6. As a general rule, we do not allow late entry to class, but under special circumstances we’ll let you sneak in. We ask that late students enter the room quietly.

7. Life happens. On the rare occasion someone comes to class late, please let them practice in peace (no angry eyes).

8. Everyone should feel welcome at our studio. If your class is crowed please make room for others whenever possible.  The best way to prevent overcrowding is to stagger your mats so no one gets a happy baby leg to the face!

9. We have a nice stash of blocks and straps for your convenience. Don’t be afraid to use them–props can benefit students of all levels–listen to your body and take what you need at the beginning of class. During your practice please make sure all props are placed in a spot that is convenient for you and out of the way of others.

10. Sweating is encouraged. Don’t be embarrassed about a little “shimmer.” Breaking a sweat can release toxins and improve your skin’s appearance. No amount of sweat can irreparably damage the studio. We clean it really well after each class!

11. As a courtesy to other yogis, we strongly suggest wearing deodorant, but please do not wear fragrances or strongly scented lotion to class.

12. Stay rooted in your practice. Find a gazing point to keep your balance in difficult postures. Focusing too much on what the teacher or other students are doing in class will detract from your personal practice. If you are new to yoga we recommend finding a spot for your mat near the center of the room so you can catch a quick look at what’s going on without tweaking your neck.

13. Use child’s pose when you need it. Yoga is meant to be physically and mentally challenging, but if you feel a posture is too much for you to handle, it’s completely okay to rest actively. Close your eyes and continue your breathwork in child’s pose until you are ready to rejoin the class.

14. Don’t give up! No one came out of the womb with super yoga balance skills. It’s okay if you wobble a little, just don’t let the learning curve discourage you. Some poses will come to you easier than others, and that’s perfectly fine! If you fall out of warrior 3 or an arm balance think positively! At least you were courageous enough to take on a challenge.

We hope you found this list of yoga tips valuable. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. Namaste!

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